Art Stop Class Materials List

Watercolor and Match Stick Ink by Paul Allen Taylor



PAPER:  Arches 140 lb Cold Press. OR a Watercolor Block of paper, Arches preferred.
The class will use quarter sheets of paper 11 x 15 in size. Also have some extra to divide into smaller practice sheets.

BOARD: 16” X 12” board for loose sheets of paper 15” X 11” as a support to paint on. It must not be water absorbent.  Use plexiglas, formica, gator board or some plywood that is sealed or painted. You won’t need the board if you buy a block of paper.

PAINT:  I use the following colors and brand. Most importantly, you should use tube paint. We want it soft right out of the tube. You don’t have to buy my brand or my colors.

MY HOLBEIN COLORS: Ultra-Marine Blue, Prussian Blue, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Sap Green, Raw Sienna, Lake Crimson or (Aliz. Crimson,) Cadmium Yellow Deep, Cadmium Yellow Light, Lemon Yellow (Again, bring the colors you have but be sure they are fresh, not hard and dried out.)

BRUSHES: I use the following sizes in flats and rounds: I use a synthetic blend bristle, that being the Winsor Newton 295 series. I have these in the 1”, ¾”, ½” and ¼”.  The rounds are a variety of makes. Bring what you have and you should be fine.

FLATS:            1-1/2”, 1”, ¾” ½”  ( you may not need the 1-1/2 flat)
ROUNDS:       #6, #8, #10 and a #3 Rigger or Liner brush


PALETTE: For watercolor it’s best to have a palette that comes with a cover, has a generous mixing area and good sized wells for the paint. The better ones are John Pike Big Well (my palette) and Robert Wood. There are some nice folding re-sealable palettes at One can improvise with a porcelain plate or two.

Four “Bulldog” clips for holding the WC paper down. Find them in stationary stores. We won’t be taping or stapling the paper. Make sure they will open far enough (1/4”)  to bite the board and paper. (Not necessary with the block of paper)

INK: One bottle of Higgins Black Magic Waterproof ink. (Utrecht ( Dick Blick) or buy locally.

MATCH STICK HOLDER: A 2mm lead holder will be provided or you can purchase your own to keep in the store

Paper towels, Small hand towel, Large (5 x 7) cellulose sponge, Grade H pencil for drawing on the watercolor paper, soft eraser, two deep water cans, NON-GLASS, a small blow dryer if you have one and a razor knife or the like to whittle your matches.


If you have your own watercolor equipment then bring what you have. Don’t be concerned about having the colors above. Make sure the paint in the palette is soft and fresh. Dig out old paint or soften it. Primarily, the paper and the board are important.  Note the size required for the quarter sheets. Remember to bring a simple subject for the afternoon. Paul will have the morning project for you.

4 basic forms

Drawing 101

Drawing pad w/perforated top 9 x 12 or 11 X 14, hake brush, 4 graphite drawing pencils, hard, med & soft, metal sharpener, pink pearl eraser, kneaded eraser, blending tortillians. Kits are available for purchase with free bag. All other supplies will be supplied by The Art Stop

Creative Art Class
Drawing pad w/perforated top 9 x 12 or 11 X 14, chalk pastel set of 24 or 48 student grade is fine, med. and soft Charcoal pencil, 4 graphite drawing pencils, hard, med & soft, metal sharpener, pink pearl eraser, kneaded eraser, blending tortillians. Kits are available for purchase with free bag. All other supplies will be supplied by The Art Stop
Image for new Manga class by Sal Otero
2H, B and ebony pencils
9x12 sketch book

Youth Acrylic Painting
The first class you will need some sketching paper and pencils or charcoal to sketch out your design. If you have a photo you would like to work from, please bring it the first night. We have a lot of reference material in the studio. If you have paints please bring them to the first class and the instructor will go through your supplies with you and let you know what other supplies, if any, that you need. Please, no craft paint or Liquitex basics or acrylic paints you get out of a Batat set. You can wait until you know what your subject matter is before purchasing any paints or canvas, until you know what you need.

You will need an acrylic palette (no wells), palette knife and a variety of brushes. All can be purchased the first class.

Chinese Lingnon school watercolors
with Jane Grace Taylor:

Sumi e rice paper or double shuen (oriental art supply) Art stop has a few rolls 
Water soluble chinese ink (art stop sells this in a bottle)
Bamboo brushes ,small medium and large 
Newsprint or newspaper to practice strokes on
Any watercolors (EXCEPT Cotman-this is student grade paint and you need artist grade) chinese chip colors are available through oriental art supply,holbein are the closest in tube colors.
A felt blanket ,or old linen tablecloth or a white towel if you don't have either -(this will get paint on it)
Two water buckets one for clean one for dirty water
A palette for mixing colors
Small spray bottle for water ,one for paint

Watercolor Paul Martin
1 full sheet of Arches 300lb paper, quartered (this will last all 4 weeks). Transparent watercolors, various watercolor brushes (value pack acceptable). A sketch pad and pencils for sketching out your subject matter, paper towels. If you do not have any paints or brushes, you can wait until the 1st class to see what colors you will need, dependant on your subject matter and you can purchase from open stock the colors you need.
Fun with Art
Drawing pad, 1 set Cray-Pas any size or 6 or 12 set of Playcolor (dry tempra sticks), 2B pencil, eraser. All other supplies will be supplied by The Art Stop
Image Link to:BrianLPettyFantasy.html
Life Drawing
Conte Crayon OR Charcoal, Large Newsprint Pad and/or drawing pad, Kneaded Eraser
Acrylic Painting
If you have a photo reference to work from, bring it with you the first night, if not, we have reference books and photos to use. Bring what brushes and paints you have, if any and we will go through to see what you need. A flat palette, palette knife, fine mist sprayer and retarder will be needed by all. Canvas paper for practicing your strokes and color combinations is helpful as well as tracing paper. Please bring a sketch pad and pencils or charcoal to do a tonal sketch.
Oil Painting (Still Life)
Drawing pad and pencil, Canvas 8 x 10 preferred, no larger than 16 x 20. If you have oil paints, bring in what you have and the instructor will go thru them with you and let you know what you need. If you do not have any paints wait until after the 1st class and Pat will help you select the colors you need according to your still life. Thinner and medium: Either Gamsol and Galkyd (preferred) or Walnut oil and Walnut oil medium, Palette knife, Palette, Rags, paper towelsRetouch varnish (I use the spray).
  • Soft Brushes (synthetic preferred)
    • My preferred brands - Royale SableTek by Langnickel or Eclipse Winsor Newton
    • Filbert #14, 7, 5, 2
  • Hog Bristle Brushes