Rosa Montante
About the Artist 

Rosa was born and raised in Italy, she moved to Rochester, New York at age twelve. She doesn't remember a time that she wasn't drawing, creating...  She attended Nazareth College of Rochester, NY to pursue a Fine Arts degree and studied with Ronald Netzky, Kathy Calderwood, Dr. Roger Adams and other accomplished artists. After determining that she would not be the next Michelangelo, Caravaggio or other artists that she admired, she chose to abandon her artistic focus, and pursued a career in Operation Management, and later in Market Research. However, her dream of a solo art exhibit persisted, an impossible undertaking unless she painted again. After a twenty-five year artistic hiatus, she made a personal commitment, to make art a prevalent part of her life. She re-started her art career by taking an oil painting class from Pat Tribastone in 2007 and has passionately pursued painting ever since, finally, enthusiastically working towards a solo art exhibit. Today, she is as determined and dedicated in perfecting her artistic skills as she was all those years ago as a young aspiring artist."
Rosa works part time as an artist and welcomes the opportunity to teach and share her knowledge. She is experienced in a variety of mediums: colored pencils, oils, photography... Sometimes working five or more paintings at a time, she works from her house using sketches and photos she has staged and taken. She has been involved in various group shows, winning numerous awards with both her colored pencil and oil paintings.
Rosa is proud to be a member of the Rochester Colored Pencil Club and the Webster Art Club. 

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