All parties include room rental for 2 hours, Party Coordinators, craft materials and Klutz® brand book (if applicable). You provide any food, plates, cups, etc. we have a refrigerator to keep drinks cool & ice cream frozen for your convenience. Prices quoted are for 10 children including the birthday child. You may have additional children at $10 per child. Image Link to: Check out our Facebook page and post what you're working on, we'd love to see it!
Canvas Art Party: $179 Ages 6+
By far our most popular party! A great party for your little artist! Each child will paint either decorative letters of their name or a landscape or maybe a flower! Their choice. All materials provided. This is a great party for boys and girls! A suggested optional add on for this party is a face painting station. You purchace a face painting kit and we will set up a face painting station, so if some children finish up earlier than others they can go to the station and paint their own face or hand or a friends!

Sculpey® Party: $169 Ages 3+

One block of Sculpey® per child is included. 6 blocks for birthday child. Clay will be taken home and baked. We will provide instructions.

T-Shirt Stenciling & Face Painting:
$179 ages 5+

Each child gets their hand or face professionally painted and stencils their own t-shirt. This party is great for boys and girls.

Cartooning Party $160 Ages 8+

Learn to draw the popular cartoon characters that kids love! The birthday child chooses the characters. The party is priced for 10 children and each child will receive drawing paper and a permanent marker.

Image: Klutz Nail Art Book

Nail Art and Face Painting: $185 Ages 3+

Each child will have their nails painted using the exclusive Klutz® brand peal off polish. Then they will go to the face painting station, where they will have their face, hand or arm, professionally painted and finally using crayons and markers they will color in a coloring book the birthday child chooses. The Klutz Nail Art kit and the coloring book go home with the birthday child as additional gifts!


Fairies: $155 Ages 7+

Each child will make 1 to 2 whimsical fairies out of flower petals and other materials, that they will bring home with them.

Jewelry Making $180 Ages 10+

Create your own earings, braclet or necklace using glass beads, sterling silver findings and silver, copper or brass wire and other jewelry making materials.

Tips are accepted & appreciated if you think we did an outstanding job!
Make Your own Party: Quote Choose a craft of your own! Speak to Cindy for ideas and pricing! Image Link to:

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