Michelle Brock – Encaustic Artist

I’m inspired by nature, life experiences and emotional experiences. Encaustic painting allows me to express brilliant colors, depth and emotion in my work. What is Encaustic? Encaustic is a beeswax-based paint that consists of beeswax, resin and pigment. The word encaustic comes from Greek and means to burn in, which refers to the process of fusing paint. It can be modeled, sculpted, textured and combined with collage materials. It cools immediately, so there is no drying time, yet it can always be reworked.

Encaustic is extremely durable, impervious to moisture and it will not yellow or darken over time. It does not need to be protected by glass or varnished. Techniques involve applying melted colored wax to various surfaces and allowing it to cool. The wax can be re-melted as often as you wish. It’s almost like magic – you can change your artwork at anytime with the touch of heat. Encaustic is a fascinating way to achieve brilliant colors with effects of intriguing and unplanned ways. The basic effects can be controlled, but the forms and color blends are unique every time.