Nan Mazzuco – Naked Raku Potter

It has been said that Raku pottery was developed in Japan over 400 years ago as the ceremonial tea ware of the Zen Buddhist Masters. Raku is valued because it is believed that the spirit of the maker is embodied in the piece and revealed at the foot (base), which is traditionally left unglazed. It is believed that if we are alert to ourselves when contemplating the Raku form we will recognize in it our own spirit.
In the spirit of Raku, my (Nan’s) work requires you to accept the beauty and imperfections of a completely unglazed form, which I call Naked Raku.

Each porcelain clay body is hand burnished for a smooth finish and fired in an outdoor kiln of wood shavings. It is the direct contact of the fire, which creates the beautiful and random flash markings, which make each piece a natural work of art. The surface variations are endless and many pieces take on the characteristics of wood, metal or stone. I believe my work is a reflection of the endless possibilities of nature and of ourselves.